Information on bats and development

A property I know is being developed and I am concerned that this will disturb the bats that I regularly see flying around there.

Any site that is being developed should have been subject to an ecological assessment, including bat survey(s). There are planning regulations that require this.

Based on this assessment, the planning authority would have placed upon the developer some requirements for mitigation of any adverse effects on the species using the site, which could include bat boxes or special bricks or a more extensive provision.

If you are able to speak to either the developer or the planning authority, they would be able to provide you with details of what is being done.

I am a consultant enguiring about records of bats at a proposed development at the site.

The Cumberland Bat Group has a data sharing agreement with Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre whereby they hold the bat records for the County. Please contact them for the information you require. Their details can be found here:  

Data for Planning and Development | Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre

I need a bat survey before I can go ahead with the work I want done on my property. Please can you help?

Cumberland Bat Group only undertakes voluntary educational or associated conservation projects and we do not undertake commercial bat surveys to inform planning applications. Since bats are a protected species, you need to appoint a surveyor who holds the appropriate Natural England licence to undertake the work. One place where you can find such professional ecologists is the CIEEM website: CIEEM guide explaining what is involved when a ‘bat survey and report’ is required in relation to small-scale development can be accessed here